Have you decided to pick up a veil?

Read these tips, or write to us, we will help you find your perfect veil! 


Before choosing a veil for a wedding dress, pay attention to its decor. If the dress has a complex finish (beads, sequins, rhinestones, lace), the veil should be chosen as simple and airy as possible. A light edging from the decor of the same style as on the dress is allowed.


The hairstyle you choose for your special day plays an important role in choosing a veil. You definitely need to understand the place and possibility of attaching the veil to your hair. Discuss this with your hairdresser before choosing your wedding veil. And then try attaching and removing it during a test hairstyle.

Also consider attaching additional jewelry - boutonnieres made of fresh flowers, hairpins or tiaras. But! Do not try to fit everything on your pretty head at once - stop the choice on one thing.

Bride in a veil and a wreath of roses Long veil with polka dots for the bride.


Short dress - short veil!

The dress with an open back is a one-two-layer veil of medium length. It is important to maintain the emphasis on the beautiful neckline of the dress.

A fitted wedding dress with a ‘fish’ or ‘mermaid’ silhouette, as well as a dress with a train, looks harmoniously with a straight long veil to the floor or even longer - the so-called cathedral veil, its length can reach 3 meters. For convenience, such veils can be worn on the arm. Important! Such silhouettes are suitable only for tall girls.

A medium-length veil with a moderate amount of decoration on it will suit a lush or simple frameless dress.


Think over not only how you want to look, but also your image, decide what impression you want to make, focusing on which wedding dress you plan to choose. Do you want to go out with the veil down to preserve the image of mystery to the last? If your answer is YES, then the length of your veil should be no less than to the shoulder blades, and it is better to choose soft tulle or lace as the material. Only in this case, it will lie beautifully and add modesty and tenderness to your image.

If you want to create a truly royal look and pair a long cathedral veil with a lowered one on your face, choose a two-layer veil with layers of different lengths.

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