A Personal Veil - Your Unforgettable Accessory

How Does a Personalized Veil Make Your Look Unique? 

Anything created for you to order is unique. So, you can create a unique atmosphere for such a joyous event as your wedding and look appropriate for it. 

Thanks to a unique accessory - a veil -you can most accurately convey your inner world and your feelings.

An especially strong impression can be made with a wedding veil with a name because it will encapsulate the strongest feelings of your couple. And no matter what will be embroidered on the veil in the end: your initials or the date of the wedding, this accessory will be a reminder of a joyful event and your feelings for each other. 

A custom wedding veil can be not only an unusual accessory but also a strong talisman for the young family. You can choose any date essential to you or an entire phrase that accompanies your relationship. 

The popularity of this wedding accessory is evidenced by the number of orders from brides-to-be. Already in production are hundreds of unique ornaments for wedding beauties. And those who have already spent this happy day tell what effect the embroidered wedding veil had on their guests.

Your veil can be decorated with unique embroidery that you choose yourself. Moreover, it can also embellish your look with pearls, crystals, rhinestones, beads, and a variety of lace. The bespoke wedding veil is a very delicate and sophisticated piece of jewelry for brides. The translucent fabric creates an effect of lightness and airiness. The natural silk threads don't weigh the jewelry down in the slightest. 

Another way you can decorate your veil is to order satin embroidery style beading. This signature embroidery method will make your embellishment as unique as possible. And if you like details from other styles, you can get your perfect personalized wedding veil from us. The craftsmen will easily adjust it to the style you want, based on your sketch. Even the smallest detail will be taken into account and reproduced in reality. 

The cost of such unique jewelry depends on many factors. The final price you can know after discussing all the details of the order. A veil that reaches your fingertips will cost you $60-70, including the embroidered lettering. A longer veil will cost between $100 and $250. This is a really good offer because, for the average price that you can pay for a veil in the salons, you get a really quality and one-of-a-kind accessory. Handmade and high-class fabrics will be a great gift for your senses on such an important day.