Veil or No Veil? Say to Veil 'Yes" or 'No'? To be or not to be 😉

1. Yes!

If it is important for you to observe traditions.

Veil is a symbol of the bride, her innocence and purity. 💎And if you like the preservation of such beautiful traditions, then be sure to tell her: "Yes!" Even if your look is far from classic, you can choose the right veil for it, thanks to the variety of their models and styles. 👰🏼‍♀️🥂.    Veil is very feminine and beautiful!


2. No!

If the veil does not accentuate the beauty of your dress.

✨💎A wedding dress with a complex cut, with an original decor, an open back or curly cutouts looks self-sufficient and hardly needs additional accessories. In addition, the veil can cover the interesting decoration of the dress, and no one will appreciate your incomparable outfit. But you can choose 👸👑birdcage veil or bride hearhoop for this outfit.

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