What is a birdcage veil and when it was popular?

A short veil that covers part of the bride's face is called a birdcage veil. It is usually made from a small piece of fabric, about 40 centimeters (~15 inches) in size. Many girls love this accessory. After all, it adds mystery to the image because it covers the eyes and the upper part of the face. And depending on the texture and type of fabric used, part of the face can be hidden completely or partially, leaving hints of the shape and color of the eyes. This accessory gets such an interesting name because of the simple shape in which it is made.

This accessory is widely used by brides for less formal weddings or small celebrations. Thanks to its miniature size, the birdcage does not look pompous, unlike a long veil. It can be used for family weddings or wedding receptions.

Double Birdcage Veil on a Comb

Although the accessory is so imbued with romanticism in its miniaturization, the story of its appearance is not so beautiful. Birdcage veils began to be produced due to a shortage of fabric for a regular veil during World War II. However, in the aftermath, not only brides appreciated all the elegance and style of this accessory. It began to be worn in other circumstances more and more often. That's why the birdcage evokes nostalgic feelings in us today.

Most often, semi-transparent fabrics are used in the manufacture of birdcage veils. The most popular option to this day is French mesh and tulle. This choice is based on the woman's need to see what is in front of her. It can also be used as an additional fixing for the hair if the birdcage veil is attached to hairpins, combs, or hoops.
This accessory has become a classic among lovers of retro style. And all thanks to the versatility of the birdcage. The miniature size and simple design allow you to find hundreds of ways to use it and place it on the head of each beauty.

If you want to create extra volume in your hair, we recommend that you try putting a birdcage hoop on the top of your head. In this position, the fabric will cover your eyes and reach the tip of your nose or your cheekbone line. Or place the accessory slightly to the side. This will help to create a romantic, playful, and lighter image than the position at the top. This position will also hide a part of your face, but the mimicry of your eyes will remain open for the interlocutor.

The birdcage hoop accessory is convenient because it is versatile and does not interfere with the wearer at all. The short fabric covers your face but does not interfere with the view. So, you can quickly wear it all day long and not notice any discomfort. Thanks to this, you can keep your full image from the beginning to the end of the celebration, which is very difficult to achieve with a classic veil.
Birdcage veil with on the two little combs. Hat veil for party or wedding

If you know the history of the birdcage veil, you might think that this accessory looks good only with retro-style outfits. That's partly true. The classic birdcage hats are indispensable attributes of some outfits, which look uninspired without them. But fashion does not stand still. New collections bring their details and ideas that fit perfectly into modern looks.

If you want to use a birdcage headband in your look, that doesn't mean you have to limit your choices. This accessory looks great with many models of midi wedding dresses, suits, and elegant fishtail dresses.

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